Memory Configurator Benefits

Seamless Integration

  • Self-Service Shopping

    Self-Service Shopping

    UpgradeConsultantā„¢ Memory Configurator empowers shoppers with the ability to make independent, educated purchasing decisions by displaying compatible memory products for their computer systems and digital electronics from your inventory.

  • Increased Profitability

    Increased Profitability

    Intelligent compatibility-based product recommendation and pre-purchase verification features of UpgradeConsultant not only recommend the correct products, but can help identify and correct incompatible memory product purchases.

  • Shopper Confidence

    Shopper Confidence

    By personalizing your customer's shopping experience, UpgradeConsultant can instill confidence in a purchasing decision throughout the sales process, including compatible system validation and checkout-level compatibility reinforcement.

  • Compatibility Applications

    Compatibility Applications

    From system-specific advertising and product customization to dynamic landing pages and post-checkout compatibility tracking, UpgradeConsultant Compatibility Services can be implemented to suit variety of compatibility-centric needs and applications.

  • Technology Support

    Technology Support

    Supporting most available memory types and technologies, UpgradeConsultant Memory Configurator and Compatibility Services empowers the merchant with providing upgrades for over 65,000+ computer systems and digital electronics at shopper's fingertips.

  • Must Have Tool

    Must Have Tool

    Instant, fully-managed support for over 65,000+ computer systems and digital electronics helps ensure your shoppers find the exactly what they need, positioning you as the provider of choice for all of their memory upgrade needs.